Steelco Bulk capacity autoclaves range


Steelco steam sterilizers VS L series are designed for laboratory applications including research laboratories, bio-containment and animal care facilities.

VS L bulk sterilizers are engineered to offer best in class solutions for the reduction of energy and water consumption to give users lowest operating costs per load, ECO water saving packages reduce water consumption to nearly zero depending on chosen model and options.

Up to 10 standard chamber sizes with a volume from 905 to 9.070 litres are available with pressure vessel and relief valves that are PED and/or ASME marked or according to the directives of the country of destination.

  • ECO water saving options, unrivalled levels of efficiency.
  • Single and double door pass through options.
  • Manual hinged or automatic sliding doors
  • Technical service access either on the left or right loading side.
  • Custom sizes available.


Upon request Steelco supplies IQ/OQ documentation and execution, FAT and SAT documentation and test.

Car and carriage:

  • Fixed height loading carriage and loading car with 3 height adjustment shelves.
  • Shelves can hold 100 Kg (220 lbs) evenly distributed on the shelf.
  • Load cart for floor loading: Upon request is possible to order a load cart for floor loading installation made of 316 stainless steel.

The presented system components do not show the full range of optional equipment. Please contact our representative.

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  • AISI 316L stainless steel chamber with high efficiency heat transfer full jacket system for even heat distribution
  • Doors internally made of stainless steel AISI 316L with no welding
  • Heat insulation with durable reusable cover for fast service maintenance at a lower cost
  • Load control probe included as standard
  • Colour touch screen HMI with multi level user access system
  • Built-in printer for process recording
  • Non proprietary widely available durable spare parts
  • ECO cool down water saving system included as standard


Standardní součásti systému
  • Chamber made of AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Frame and external panels made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Single door
  • Building steam
  • Piping and valves in copper-brass
  • Pneumatic valves
  • Load Control Probe
  • Hinged front cabinet panel
  • HMI -Hakko7" touch screen display operating panel with PLC Saia
  • On board thermal printer on loading side
  • Gravity Cycle
  • Liquid Cycle
  • Pre-Post Vacuum cycles
  • Leak Test
  • DART (Daily Air Removal Test) cycle
  • Vacumm Pump
  • EN 285 (applicable requirements).
Systém s následujícími rozšířeními
  • Air differential seal
  • Bio-seal for BLS3/BSL4 application
  • Side and top panels
  • On board Carbon Steel Electric boiler (depends on chamber size)
  • On board 316L Stainless steel Electric boiler (depends on chamber size)
  • Jacket cooling with cold water
  • Air Over Pressure with Jacket cooling
  • HMI full capability on unload side
  • Auto-start
  • SteelcoData View
  • Fixed height loading carriage
  • Additional fixed height loading carriage for unload side
  • Additional loading car with perforated shelves
  • IQ-OQ protocols
Název produktu
VS 264151 L  Chamber dimensions (W/H/D mm) 670 x1050x1286 Capacity: 905 l Požádat o nabídku
VS 264175 L  Chamber dimensions (W/H/D imm) 670 x1050x1886 Capacity: 1330 l Požádat o nabídku
VS 364872 L  Chamber dimensions (W/H/D mm) 914 x1219x1829 Capacity: 2040 l Požádat o nabídku
VS 355764 L  Chamber dimensions (W/H/D mm) 900x1450x1630 Capacity: 2130 l Požádat o nabídku
VS 415798 L  Chamber dimensions (W/H/D mm) 1050x1450x2500 Capacity: 3800 l Požádat o nabídku
VS 398787 L  Chamber dimensions (W/H/D mm) 1000x2200x2200 Capacity: 4840 l Požádat o nabídku
VS 3583106 L  Chamber dimensions (W/H/D mm) 1000x2200x2200 Capacity: 4840 l Požádat o nabídku
VS 498686 L  Chamber dimensions (W/H/D mm) 1245x2184x2184 Capacity: 5940 l Požádat o nabídku
VS 4987103 L  Chamber dimensions (W/H/D mm) 1250x2200x2607 Capacity: 7170 l Požádat o nabídku
VS 4383130 L  Chamber dimensions (W/H/D mm) 1100x2100x3300 Capacity: 7625 l Požádat o nabídku
VS 5186126 L  Chamber dimensions (W/H/D mm) 1300x2180x3200 Capacity: 9070 l Požádat o nabídku