Breeding & maintenance diet for nude and transgenic strains

Code 1414

The 1410 formula is a cereal-based (soy, wheat, corn) fixed formula which is free of alfalfa and fish/animal meal and deficient in nitrosamines. This diet was designed as high-energy complete feedingstuff for ad libitum feeding, recommended for nude/transgenic rodents in growing period, breeding and maintenance.

Zjistit více o produktu

Product variations
The 1410 formula is optionally also available in one or a combination of the following variants.

  • Variant P deficient in phytoestrogens
  • Variant Fortified - autoclavable, increased vitamin content, coated on request
  • Variant Irradiated - irradiated with 5 to 50kGy

The contents may vary for these variants.

1414 - 10mm pellets

The standard form of our diet is the 10mm pellet squared.

1414 spec.png