Code BCU-2

Designed in conjunction with customers who were looking for an alternative to glove-box isolators, Allentown brought the first BCU to market in 1997, and for more than 20 years it has continued to be the gold standard in biocontainment housing.

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  • Species: Mouse, Hamster (with PFT feeder)*
    * 6 in of internal height for use with hamsters - per The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals
  • Rat cage sizes available
  • Sealed negative pressure IVC system
  • Patented 4-point seal technology
  • Certified HEPA filtration
  • Ergonomic cage handling, low stress on animals and staff

Certified HEPA filtration

Allentown takes the certified HEPA filter from a respected provider, installs it into the SPP rack HEPA assembly and then recertifies the entire system in place. The Rack HEPA assembly is hard connected to the racking system, ensuring that all connections to the rack on the “contaminated” side of the filter are securely fastened.

Patented 4-point seal

When you remove a cage from the Allentown BCU-2 system, two ports each on the cage and rack are simultaneously sealed to the room. The Allentown patented 4-point system accomplishes this with quick disconnect couplings, so innovative that it's patented and found nowhere else other than on Allentown housing solutions. US Patent 6,308,660

Ergonomic Leader

Animal and care staff wellbeing being paramount, Allentown designed a smooth and easy cage docking system providing less stress and vibration for research animals and less repetitive motion strain on animal care staff. Proven by an independent ergonomist, the Allentown cage docking system is smooth and easy to use…which is the best choice for your important research.

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BCU2 Mice  Biocontainment Unit 48 cages, up to 240 mice
BCU2 ATU Mice  Biocontainment Mobile Unit 12 cages, up to 60 mice
BCU2 Rats  Biocontainment Unit 30 cages, up to 60 rats