Charles River Laboratories

Wistar HAN IGS rat

Code 241035

General multipurpose rat model for safety and efficacy tests also for aging and oncology studies. Good surgical small animal model.

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Origin: Rederived by GlaxoWellcome from Han Wistar stock supplied by BRL. Transferred to Charles River UK in 1996. Transferred to Charles River in 1997 and rederived into isolator maintained Foundation Colony. IGS refers to animals bred using the Charles River International Genetic Standardization (IGS) Program.

Coat color: White (albino)

Strain code: 273

Ideal for: General multipurpose model, safety and efficacy testing, aging, oncology, surgical model

Bred in: Germany, France, United Kingdom

Health reports: Using strain nomenclature find the strain at links below

*Images courtesy of Charles River