Large animal catheter - Millar, tip size 5F, body F size 5F, straight

Code MPR-500

The MPR-500 Mikro-Tip® large animal pressure catheter provides a more flexible option for monitoring high-fidelity cardiovascular pressures at the source. Popular for both in vivo and in vitro applications where a stiffer catheter is not required, this model is made from flexible 5F polyurethane and is often incorporated into non-cardiovascular applications such as airway pressure, swallowing pressure and bladder pressure measurements.

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For an entry level hemodynamics system, use the MPR-500 Dog/Pig/Sheep pressure catheter with modular PowerLab data acquisition system with LabChart analysis software and the Blood Pressure analysis module. Or for the most complete cardiovascular analysis solution for your lab, combine the MPR-500 with the MPVS Ultra® Pressure-Volume Loop system and a Ventri-Cath PV loop catheter.

ADInstruments and Millar

Millar Mikro-Tip® Pressure and PV Loop catheters systems are available exclusively from ADInstruments, because of strategic partnership between ADInstruments and Millar.

  • Model: MPR-500
  • Product number: 840-8162
  • Subject: large mammal, dog, sheep, pig
  • Lenght: 70 cm
  • Tip F size: 5F
  • Body F size: 5F
  • Pressure connector: low profile
  • Material: polyurethane - woven dacron
  • Tip: straight
  • Number of sensors: 1