MPVS Ultra Single Segment PV Unit

Code 880-0168SS

For the invasive measurement of ventricular pressure and volume in rodents (mice and rats).

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Features of MPVS Ultra Single Segment PV Unit

  • Provides pressure volume measurents (via selected PV catheter) from rodents (mice and rats)
  • Provides internal ECG measurement (via PV catheter)
  • Analog outputs that easily integrate with PowerLab and LabChart software
  • Straightfoward volume calibration technique using volume calibration cuvettes and LabChart software
  • Adjustable gain settings to allow both in vivo and in vitro studies
  • Compatible with all Single Segment Millar Mikro-Tip® PV Catheters
  • Can be easily upgraded to be used with small and large animals
  • Software-controlled graphical user interface

The MPVS-Ultra Single Segment Pressure-Volume Unit from Millar, together with an appropriate mouse or rat PV catheter (purchased separtely) utilizes state-of-the-art technology to measure invasive ventricular pressure and volume of mice and rats respectively. It has analog BNC outputs, which allows the measured primary pressure, volume and internal ECG (option via PV catheter) signals to be recorded directly by a PowerLab and LabChart data acquisition system (purchased separately) via BNC-BNC cables. Additionally, it also has another pressure BNC output, which provides a secondary pressure signal when used with a dual pressure or another pressure catheter. The cuvette input and other BNC outputs (S2 - 7 and composite are disabled) are not used in single segment mode. The MPVS Ultra Single Segment PV Unit includes:

  • MPVS Ultra Control software
  • User manual and MPVS Ultra training CD
  • European power cord, USB cable

The MPVS Ultra Single Segment PV Unit is also included in the MPVS Ultra Single Segment Foundation Systems. Accessories are required for the unit's full functionality and are available for purchase separately.

Standardní součásti systému
  • MPVS Ultra Control software
  • User manual and MPVS Ultra training CD
  • European power cord, USB cable
Systém s následujícími rozšířeními
  • Single Segment PV Catheters (mice and rats)
  • MPVS Ultra Single Segment Cable Kit
  • Volume Calibration Cuvettes
  • Pressure Gauge Kit or Pressure Transducer Simulator/Tester providing all the necessary items to calibrate the pressure transducer
  • PowerLab Data aquisition system PowerLab