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Gradient thermal PCR cycler

Code M2-96G

The M2-96G gradient thermal cycler provides precise temperature control and an intelligent user operating system to achieve rapid and specific amplification of target DNA fragments. With temperature gradient function, 12 groups of gradient can be realized at one time to optimize PCR protocol.

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The 96-well M2-96G PCR thermal cycler provides temperature gradient function and 12 groups of gradient can be realized at one time to optimize PCR protocol. With 7 inch touch screen, personalized account could be edited to enable intuitive and quick programming.

It is widely used in molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, cell biology, food science and agronomy to carry out experimental research such as molecular cloning, gene expression analysis, genotype identification, sequencing, and pathogenic microorganism analysis.

Advantages of gradient thermal cycler

Intelligent and efficient linear gradient function

12 linear gradients in the same run allow to optimize the ideal annealing temperature.

Fast ramping for PCR runs

Fast ramp rate of up to 6℃/s to realize efficient PCR runs.

Multiple personalized account management

Personalized account management system provides organized programs and unwanted changes.

Simple and efficient operations

Processes can be imported and synchronized via USB ports and achieve multi-machine collaborative work.