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For years, our customers have entrusted us with the breeding and housing of their priceless research models, because they know relying on us to manage and maintain their outsourced colonies allows them to focus on their research. Our knowledgeable project managers are committed to achieving your research goals through regular communication and collaboration with their team. You can be confident that your animals are receiving the ultimate care from our skilled technical staff, and that project tasks will be carried out quickly and efficiently.

With decades of experience and the largest network of vivariums in the world, we take pride in our ability to offer an unparalleled selection of custom models and services to meet the unique needs of your program.

Genetically Engineered Model Services

  • Mouse & Rat Breeding
  • Transgenic Mouse & Rat Model Creation
  • Embryology
  • Rapid Colony Development
  • Animal Quarantine
  • Line Rescue
  • Project Management

We also offer in-house drug discovery research services for your compounds being developed with genetically engineered models.