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BALB/cByJ Mouse (JAX™), BALB/cByJ

Code 249806-807
Mice BALB/cByJ, among other differences, have better reproductive performance and less aggression than mice of the BALB/cJ substrain.
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Nomenclature: BALB/cByJ

Type: Inbred mice

Origin: The BALB/cBy mouse was developed by D.W. Bailey in 1962 from a BALB/cAnN strain that had been selected by MacDowell in 1922 from the outbred “Bagg Albino” strain. It was introduced into Charles River Laboratories France in May 1982 at its F156 generation, in the form of a few PIPS (Pedigreed and Identified Pairs) from The Jackson Laboratory. Replacement of the PES in 1987 and 2004.

Coat color: Albino

Strain code: 627

Ideal for: Oncology, immunology, inflammation, autoimmunity, neurobiology

JAX™ Stock No: 001026

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Note: Only The Jackson Laboratory and Charles River in Europe and Japan maintain colonies of JAX™ Mice strains which are derived from pedigreed mice from The Jackson Laboratory and are re-infused routinely with pedigreed mice to stabilise the genetic integrity and phenotype of these strains.

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Bred in: France

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Note: We also offer BALB/cByJ Mice with a SOPF health profile.

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