Formaldehyde sterilization, fumigation, formalin vaporisers

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Formalin’s use for decontamination is probably one of its safest uses as it remains contained inside the process area. Formalin solutions (Formaldehyde) remains a freely available chemical within the European Union (EU) under REACH legislation.

The well researched efficacy of Formalin has, coupled with its ease of use, easily implemented safe handling procedures and very low cost kept fumigation using formalin at the forefront of safety cabinet and room decontamination in the laboratory.

We offer formalin vaporizers for:

  • rooms – up to 153 m3
  • safety cabinets
  • isolators

Vaporizers are also equipped with functions allowing to quickly neutralize the cleaning of sterilized space by formaldehyde. In addition, some models have an on-delay timer allowing a user programmed delay to be programmed into the vaporiser.

Range features:

  • all principal metal parts are stainless steel
  • stainless steel construction with chemical resistant paint finish
  • automatic cut off after heating cycle has finished
  • heating Light only illuminated during boiling process.
  • vaporiser Pot Capacity from 120 ml to 5000 mlm depending on model and functionality
  • full two year warranty from date of purchase

We also offer the formaldehyde concentration meters, equipped with hardware and software for the collection and recording of data in real time by using a wireless connection.