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Learn more about e-learning. Lt Brain Trust 2021 - online meeting of LT educators

Join ADinstruments webinar and meet speakers who use LT system:


Dr Dawn Collins
Associate Professor in Neurobiology, Warwick Medical School 

Dawn teaches neuroscience, physiology and pharmacology at WMS. She has been using Lt in her teaching for a number of years within the MBChB and has gradually infiltrated Lt use across the spectrum of teaching within WMS, including CPD and the new undergraduate Health and Medical Sciences course.






Dr Abigail Rickard
Associate Professor and Head of Biology,
University of Greenwich, London.

Dr Rickard joined the University of Greenwich in April 2011 as a Lecturer in Biomedical Science, where she is currently pursuing her research interest in the safety of novel pharmaceutical agents and their effects on cardiac electrophysiology. Dr Rickard has been using ADInstruments teaching tools since 2013.






Dr Dawn Livingstone
Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences,
University of Edinburgh.

Dawn has been running the Junior Honours programme in Pharmacology for several years now, teaches various aspects of Endocrinology in a number of undergraduate courses and has a research interest that spans these disciplines.

Over the last year she has collaborated with a team of course organisers to redevelop the delivery of practical classes in Biomedical Sciences, using Lt as a foundation for digital delivery.



Dr Nandu Goswami
Associate Professor and Head of the Institute of Physiology,
Medical University of Graz.

Nandu uses ADInstruments teaching hardware and software to engage his physiology students in practical experiments. This gives his students a true-to-life laboratory experience, which in turn, helps them to understand scientific concepts in a meaningful way.

The Medical University of Graz and ADInstruments have collectively run a series of workshops and education events, on the topic of software and data acquisition hardware use to enhance the student learning experience. This is known as the Teaching Unit of Excellence, established in early 2018.





Dr. Diana Zabini
Univ. Assistant Professor
Medical University of Graz

Diana has 10+ years worth of experience in teaching life sciences students, becoming an Assistant Professor at the Medical University of Graz in 2018. She will be co-presenting her talk with Dr.Nandu Goswami, also from Graz. Outside of teaching, Diana’s expertise lies in a pulmonary vascular research focus. She has been the recipient of multiple awards, including the research award from the René Baumgart Foundation in 2018.





Tom Broughton 

Tom graduated in 2008 with a BSc in Chemistry, and joined ADInstruments’ Support Team in October 2009, assisting customers in both research and education, but has focused solely on education support since 2013, including providing support for LabStation and Lt, as well as their associated hardware.

Tom will be taking you through new Lt features as well as sharing some general tips and tricks!